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Anti-inflammatory Foods and Combination Ideas


Inflammation is an issue that plagues many of us regularly.  A lot of us rely on medications like ibuprofen to help our aches and pains.  There are many foods that can make inflammation worse but there are many foods that can actually help in a great way.  Foods that help don’t have to be hard to find.  The following foods are easy to find and easy to add to your diet: Continue reading Anti-inflammatory Foods and Combination Ideas

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Snack Pack Mix Ins

Snack Pack Ideas


Snack packs are mixes of random non perishable food that you can eat at snack time.  We make a lot of snack packs in my house.  It is easier and cheaper than buying Chex Mix or something along those lines.  I make large bags since it all keeps well, so that I can grab and go.  If there is a bulk section in your grocery store, I highly suggest walking up and down it to find your flavors!  A bulk aisle will decrease your cost drastically.  Bulk aisles also tend to have options like unsalted.  Making your own Snack Pack will lower the salt, sugar and preservatives in you daily snack.

Now let’s try making our own with some of these great mix ins:

Nuts and seeds25%. Almonds, pecans, peanuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds.  

These are extremely nutritious but can be high in calories and fat.  Limit these but do not ignore them.  This is the mix in that will help keep you full until dinner!  There are more seeds and nuts then this list.  See one?  Then give it a try.

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