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How to get more produce into your life!

Red Onions and Shallots

Each and every one of us should be eating better.  Especially this time of year.  No matter how well you are doing, you can still do better.  If you are cooking for others, it can be even more difficult.  But how do you get more produce into your diet without living off salads… Continue reading How to get more produce into your life!

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Organic Garlic Bulbs

Garlic is an extremely versatile vegetable.  This pungent bulb vegetable is great in all cuisines.  When cooking or eating garlic, it tends to be in small amounts compared to other vegetables.  This does not deter from its great flavor and high nutritional value. Continue reading Garlic

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White and Purple Turnips

Turnip are an unsung hero in the vegetable world.  They do not tend to be the first vegetable you think of when meal planning.  In other countries, they are consumed regularly.  I have to admit I have never had one until recently.  So I have been working on adding unfamiliar produce to my diet when I can.  Which is harder than it sounds. Continue reading Turnips

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8 Health Benefits of Eating Greens

Beets with Greens

Vegetables are wonderful.  They are very tasty and wonderfully healthy for you.  There are so many vegetables to choose from and they each have different nutritional benefits.  The recipes are also quite endless.

Today, I want to focus on greens.  I have spent a lot of my time researching certain nutrients, only to find that greens is on all the lists of examples.  Greens consist of typical leafy greens, like spinach and romaine, as well as less recognized greens like the greens from beets or turnips.  Even though some greens have slightly different nutritional benefits, all greens are extremely beneficial.   Continue reading 8 Health Benefits of Eating Greens

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Garden Carrots

**Recipe**   I am proud to say that the carrots pictured here are from my garden.  This was my first time growing carrots so getting any production was exciting.  They were quite easy; allowing for questionable soil, and inconsistent watering.  I did make the mistake of planting in a ground that was far too hard which made the carrots stunt but did not affect the flavor.  My kids ate them right up.   Continue reading Carrots

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Anti-inflammatory Foods and Combination Ideas


Inflammation is an issue that plagues many of us regularly.  A lot of us rely on medications like ibuprofen to help our aches and pains.  There are many foods that can make inflammation worse but there are many foods that can actually help in a great way.  Foods that help don’t have to be hard to find.  The following foods are easy to find and easy to add to your diet: Continue reading Anti-inflammatory Foods and Combination Ideas

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Eating seasonally – Fall vegetables

Potato Pile

We have all heard that we should eat local and seasonal.  But why?  First, local food means you are buying it from farmers near you and will support local economy.  It also means the food did not sit in a truck as long and is more likely to have been picked when ripe and not beforehand.  If you eat food seasonally, it will  taste significantly better.  For example, Tomatoes in July will always taste better than tomatoes in December. Your produce will likely be cheaper too Continue reading Eating seasonally – Fall vegetables

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Leafless salads

Mediterranean Salad Completed

Don’t get me wrong!  I love salads.  All kinds!  But when I plan to have salad with a meal, or as a meal, I tend to do the same combinations.  Some greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and maybe some other fill-ins.  Top it all with some store bought dressing.  Don’t feel bad if this sounds like you.  It definitely sounds like me.  It’s easy and takes very little thought.  

Continue reading Leafless salads